What is parental control password for a Mag device?

iptv adult password

With just a purchase of an IPTV subscription, you now have access to thousands of channels and movies on demand.
However, if you want to access an adult channel but cannot access it because it is password protected, it can be very frustrating.
This article shows how to bypass it. It’s actually very easy!

According to ZelosTV, the adult IPTV mag 254 password would be something like 0000 or 1234 or 1122.
I ran some tests, but the one that always worked was 0000.
If you change your password and don’t remember it, reset the entire box to factory default.

How do I reset my parental control password?

  1. Open the Users tab.
  2. Select a user list.
  3. Focus on the user and press
  4. Select Edit.
  5. In your user profile, expand the Device Information tab and press Reset.

    – Parental Controls-Access passwords for age-restricted channels and movies will be reset.
    – Access control – Access to settings is reset.
    – Favorites — All IPTV channels added to your favorites will be reset.


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