It’s one of multiple platform support applications to run your IPTV subscription content. Duplex IPTV has easy to use interface and easy IPTV installation.
The most important features are:

1- Multiple favorite lists
2- EPG support
3- Fast zapping
4- Small Preview beside channels list
5- Channels list over channel screen.
6- Parent Control

Install Duplex IPTV

This IPTV application is available for many different operating systems and devices :

Android and Android TV play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duplexiptv

LG smart TV (WebOS): available in the LG content store

Samsung TV (Tizen OS): available in the Official Samsung App Store (USA store only)

Windows and Xbox: Install from Windows store > https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/duplex-iptv/9nl17vql56w4

Amazon Fire TV: Read FAQ in End of this article to learn how to install on Fire TV stick.

Setup IPTV playlist in Duplex IPTV

Time needed: 4 minutes.

setup and install IPTV on Duplex IPTV

  1. Note your Device ID and Device KeyAfter installing the application, Open it and you will see the Device ID and Device key (You can find it by choosing the activation tab too)

Login into Duplex IPTV management portal

Navigate to edit.duplexplay.com and Enter the Device ID and Device key you noted in step 1, Then click on Manage Device

Add XC Playlist

You can add playlist via both methods M3u Link and Xtream connection, We recommend connecting via XC (xtream) playlist.
and Fill in your Xtream connection details which you must give from your IPTV provider If you have not click here to place IPTV subscription now.
Playlist Name: You can set any name for your playlist.
Enter Username, Password, and Host (Server URL of xtream connection). Activate Captcha and click on Save.

Refresh Playlists in application

Then back to Duplex IPTV application and choose Refresh to reload Playlists, Then the playlist name must appear.


How to install Duplex IPTV on Fire TV stick  ?

You can download the APK of Duplex IPTV via direct link by the Downloader app in Fire TV , follow the steps:
1- Install Downloader on your Amazon fire TV.
2- Select the nav tabs from the home screen by pressing up, and scroll right to reach Settings. From this menu, select Device. Next, pick Developer Options and you should see a sub-menu that includes the entry ‘Apps from Unknown Sources. Select it, making sure it reads ON underneath.
3- go back to Downloader app. On the app’s initial page you’ll see a white box into which you can type a URL. Select it and type in:
Then install it.


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